Blanco County Lights was self-released in October of 2014. The album was produced by Jack Saunders (White Cat, Houston, TX), and includes instrumental performances by Jack Saunders, Rick Richards, Eleanor Whitmore, Sam Austin, Willy T. Golden, Riley Osbourn, and Brant Croucher. It includes vocal performances by Lainey Balagia, Libby Koch, Jack Saunders, Matt Harlan, and Brant Croucher.

All songs were written and performed by Brant Croucher. 

The album was made possible by Executive Producers Jack & Mary Balagia. It was completed with the help of many great friends, family members, and fans, who graciously supported an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign.  

The "Blanco County Lights" painting was created by Lauren L Croucher and the cover art/graphic design, as well as the "Brant Croucher" logo, was handled by Clay Graves. Sarah Austin is credited with all photography.

Blanco County Lights can be purchased through our online store, and is available for download or streaming in the following locations:

iTunes | Spotify | Outbound Radio | Soundcloud | iHeartRadio | CDbaby | And many others...

Lyrics for all songs on Blanco County Lights can be found HERE.