Brant in the Press

This is an album that stands testimony to high calibre songwriting, overflowing with engrossing songs, offering a surfeit of stunning melodies and replete with memorable hooks.
— Tim Carroll, Folk Words
The plate is honest and Croucher is a genuine storyteller with songs about life, often presented in a beautiful way.
— Mattias Gustavsson, Ung Tro (Sweden)
The songwriting is top notch, lyrics and subjects as well as the variety of wonderful catchy melodies.
— Johanna B. Bodde, Insurgent Country
Blanco Country Lights is an exemplary Americana plate.
— Maurice Dielemans,
The songs on Blanco County Lights deal with familiar country themes like women and drinking and trucks, but Brant Croucher’s approach to them shows more imagination...
— Paul T. Mueller, Americana Music News
Brant Croucher is a storyteller with a message.
— Freddy Cellis, Rootstime

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