Blanco County Lights - CD

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BCL Cover.jpg

Blanco County Lights - CD


In October, 2014, Brant Croucher released Blanco County Lights, a full-length album produced by Jack Saunders (White Cat Studios, Houston, TX).

The 11-track Country/Americana project is an ambitious representation of Croucher’s vast musical interests and influences, dancing seamlessly through folk-inspired acoustic songs, swampy groove-driven tunes, toe-tapping country numbers, and a pair of thoughtful, piano-driven ballads. 

Track Listing:

1. When You Come to Me

2. Doing Well

3. Drink (Drink Drink)

4. Time I Walk Away

5. Blanco County Lights

6. Theodora

7. Still the One

8. 84 Boxes

9. Free Will

10. Joie de Vivre

11. Greenville Avenue

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