Blanco County Lights #7 - "Still the One"

Track seven of Blanco County Lights is a country number called "Still the One". 

I spent just over three years of my life in a college town and it was a great experience. There's really nothing like a U.S. college town, and Texas is home to several of my favorites.

Each time I drive into Denton, TX, I am reminded of the first day I set foot on the UNT campus with a vividness that is reserved for few other memories. I remember how I felt, who I knew, where we went -- it's truly "heading down an old familiar road." 

At some point, you graduate or move on (or both), but the town always holds a bit of nostalgia for the time spent (under the guise of a college education). Whether it's gameday, a familiar restaurant or bar, a campus building that commanded more time than you could have ever imagined, or something as simple as the way the Fall's cooler air first hits your nose, it takes you back to a place that's etched into the mind like chiseled words hammered into stone.

We've been playing this song at live shows for a couple years. It's an uptempo toe-tapper that's got a lot of space for instrumentalists, which made it a bit of a party song. It's not the "heaviest" song on the record, but it's one of fond memories. Its goal is to evoke a smile. Or a memory. Or hopefully -- if you did it right -- both.

I loved working on this track in the studio. Sam Austin and I both played Telecasters and Sam's overdriven guitar solo is absolutely on point. Jack Saunders played bass. Rick Richards kept time on the drums. Eleanor Whitmore provided the song's signature fiddle parts and Lainey Balagia lent her voice to it (making my vocals sound better). 

Tomorrow's tune: "84 Boxes"

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