Blanco County Lights #7 - "Still the One"

Track seven of Blanco County Lights is a country number called "Still the One". 

It's an uptempo toe-tapper that's got a lot of space for instrumentalists, which made it a bit of a party song. It's not the "heaviest" song on the record, but it's one of fond memories. Its goal is to evoke a smile. Or a memory. Or hopefully -- if you did it right -- both.

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Blanco County Lights #4 - "Time I Walk Away"

The fourth track on Blanco County Lights is a song called "Time I Walk Away."

The song tells a story of a person in constant search of fulfillment and purpose, always believing it is to be found somewhere else. Maybe the next town, the next place holds the elusive contentment and satisfaction they crave.

The reality is, such peace is generally irrespective of physical location and is usually something that must be settled from within. 


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Blanco County Lights #1 - "When You Come to Me"

The album opens with "When You Come to Me." I wrote this song a few summers ago while I was trying to finish another song -- something that happens a lot. The melody for the chorus came into my head and I realized it was a different song entirely, so I followed the muse down a different path. I'm glad I did, as it lead me to one of my favorite songs I've written to date.

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